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ISGC Global Alliance for Acute and Long-Term Outcome Studies in stroke

An ISGC initiative


      The Global Alliance in Acute and Long-Term outcome is an initiative of researchers from the International Stroke Genetics Consortium (ISGC) interested in the genetics associated with the neurological evolution and the stroke long-term recovery.


       This global initiative is open to researchers that are recruiting or will recruit ischemic stroke patients prospectively. For more information please send an e-mail through our Contact section.


The Aims of the Global Alliance are:


1-  To have a consensus about minimum and preferred variables to be recruited.

2- To follow this consensus in prospective studies.

3- To facilitate the data sharing.

​4- To facilitate project interconnections.


       The final objective is to perform a Genome Wide meta-analysis in acute and long-term outcome to find genes and pathways associated with post-stroke evolution.

September 2022

Highlights of the 27th ISGC Workshop in Bordeaux

-Africa is highly diverse genetically

-Sex Specific GWAs 

-The (dis)connectome of stroke

-Comparison of Imputation performance

-About 20% of CNVs affect protein coding genes

 -Call for Collaborations:

August 2021

NEW Paper

We announce a new Stroke Outcome Paper

Domain-Specific Outcomes for Stroke Clinical Trials: What the Modified Rankin Isn't Ranking. Neurology

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April 2021

NEW Paper

We announce our New Global Alliance Paper

International Stroke Genetics Consortium Recommendations for Studies of Genetics of Stroke Outcome and Recovery. International Journal of Stroke

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